Groove Noise is the one to book! Chris & Jess

Spencer was the DJ recommended by the venue our wedding party was held at. Once we established contact with Spencer it was obvious we had chosen the right DJ. He can literally play anything and play a setlist that has a large range of music genres to suit the guests. Spencer is a reactive DJ too, he would play a song and then look at the dance floor to see what reception the song would get and if people would leave, he would phase out the song and bring one in that would have the guests flocking back to the dance floor. We gave Spencer a very large amount of songs ( too many to play on the night) yet he picked all the tunes that had people dancing for most if not all of the night. I would recommend Groove Noise (Spencer) for anyone wanting an event that needs not just any DJ, but a top bloke and a DJ that makes a difference.

Sandhole Oak Barn, Congleton

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