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Back in October I had the pleasure of playing the wedding of Terri & Tom, or Mr and Mrs Nicholas as theyre now formally known. The wedding took place in Sheepy Magna, Atherstone, Leicestershire at the lovely Mythe Barn.

Mythe Barn has a nice separate evening space which is attached to the main building. The room has a balcony at one end and a large dancefloor at the other. The spacious layout is perfect for lots of dancing, something the guests took full advantage of.

If you’d like to find out more about Mythe Barn, details can be found on their website.

The venue’s full address is Mythe Barn, Pinwall Lane, Sheepy Magna, Atherstone, Leicestershire, CV9 3PF.

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Terri and Tom were happy for me to choose most of the music for the big day. They provided me with 11 tracks which gave me a good idea of the genres they liked. I then pulled together a playlist of popular tracks, sticking to that theme.

Terri asked for a father and daughter dance with her father, Pete. The dance followed Terri and Tom’s first dance and was very emotional and lovely. It’s something we don’t see very often but a nice touch. Terri followed up with the bouquet throw which had plenty of guests trying to secure their own special day!

The penultimate and last track picked by Terri and Tom were Ray LaMontagne – You are the Best Thing, followed by Queen – We are the Champions. As you’d expect, they both went down well with everyone.

Terri & Tom’s Review

We would highly recommend Spencer for anyone thinking of going with him for their wedding (or any event!). Spencer was very friendly and easy to work with. He listened to us and took onboard our needs. He made it all about the music which was exactly what we wanted. On the big day the music was great, and things went without a hitch. Thanks again – Terri & Tom.

If you’d like to discuss your own wedding or event in Leicester or any other area, please get in touch on 07592 922 185 or drop us a message?

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